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Today internet seems to remain the main source associated with information. Whenever you got issues, you open your web browser and google whatever problem pertains your mind. Doesnt matter wheather you now have a broken laptop or you got a problem with a sick cat you will find comforting informations with a click from mouse.

Online world forums or blogs like get the main source of information for every one of us. It comes by having a great oportunities, but also with a great danger. You can never be sure wheather somebody who wrote an exceptional tip on how to cure your cat, is mostly a veterinarian or a 12 year old kid making a great (in this opinion) joke. I acquired a feeling that internet is growing much faster than our skills to use it. If you ever compare how internet appeared as if 10 years ago and how is it now, I’d say her 1. 000. 000% harder. Regretably, usual skills on even using a Google search is extremely poor. By looking at the most popular internet searches, I sometimes sense you are the only person not seeking Madonna of Comical Pictures of puppies. You may think abou that for the reason that asking the smartest person on earth to make funny faces on your behalf, for the whole morning.

If 20 years back, the sciencists were to make predictions of how extremely smart computer is gonna provide by humans, I’m 1000% certainly, that searching for cheeky pics woudnt be an alternative. Today many people got an entire access to the bigest knowledge and database on earth, but still I dont feel that people are evern 1% smarter an average of. All sorts of things seems to be just like always, but now we got 1 less excuse…

I’d even dare to talk about, that cause of the online market place, folks are getting dummer than before. Setting up – dont misunderstand me, but dont you feel the same way? None of my close friends is using internet to sit and learn new stuff up to for downloading porn and also new movies. Now precisely what is interesting, you need to do some complicated stuff to help download an illegal copy to a porn DVD, but still more people can do that, than write some CV.

At this point, when the net is evolving into web 2 .. 0 net sale, filled with info created mostly by users, everything is switching again. Still I cannot say its all transforming for better. Its basically changing. I actually feel that web 2. 0 is a superb thing, when more people is gonna try and create something by independently, and that is a massive step forward.

One last thing I have to whine about:) is that according to some research I found not long ago, about 60% of the companies doesnt have a website. Now that is merely silly. Today if you want to create a website, most people dont have to switch a muscle. You incorporate the use of autocreator and only put the appropriate phone number and company name to a right field. Its still a touch to hard for almost all the companies. We start to understand many of the “bad economy” thing more and more. Komputerowe Forum, Forum.